Saturday, October 11, 2008

CD Testamonials

In the course of two months I was in the emergency room twice and also hospitalized for 4 days. I had almost every test you can think of and still no firm diagnosis…pills did not solve the problem…The very first day with the Digest Aid CD I started to notice that I was feeling better, not as uncomfortable after I ate…Now back to normal, its very interesting to me because it happened very quickly. Now I just listen to the CD in my car while I am driving a few minutes a day…It really is amazing. Jeanne, CA/Atlanta

Whenever I have lower back pain I put on Muscle Ease. Within 10 minutes the pain is easing away. I have also tried playing it as background in my office. I notice less tension building in my body. Ellen Eikens, Mass.

I could hardly walk on Friday. I listened to Spinal Ease all weekend. By Monday I was just about ready to dance! Beth C., Tenn.

When I come in from work my shoulders ache so, I put on EthericSweep. I feel release in my muscles immediately. It is like having a massage. Thank you! F.L., Knoxville TN

I used to wake up with full-blown panic attacks. When I use Etheric Sweep every night I don’t wake up with my usual anxieties. Karen Brackett, Townsend TN

I have a muscle movement disorder that I have been living with for over 35 years called Dystonia. This creates continuous muscle tension, acute spasms and pain throughout my body. I have been using Suzanne Jonas’s Muscle Ease CD, either through our Tactile Sound Table or with our Transducer Pillow, almost daily for the last nine months. It has brought wonderful relief to the muscle tension and pain, allowing me to move easier and get on with my day. It has been exceptionally beneficial during the gardening season.
Thank you Suzanne!
Deborah Deuel, Director, Inner Soulutions LLC,
Manufacturer of Tactile Sound Massage Tables, Hot Springs, Arkansas

I own an assortment of ten CDs produced by Suzanne Jonas and have found each to be a valuable and effective healing tool. Janet Flynn, Tulsa, OK

I have purchased all of Dr Susan Jonas CD’s and listened to them and let my family and friends listen to them. Listening to Dr Jonas voice and CD’s has such a healing and calming effect that at time I felt I want to listen to them again and again and benefit from it each time.
Bita Rahmanian, MPH, D. Hom., Knoxville TN

I have purchased most of [her] frequency cds and wish there were more. I have had so much success in different areas using [the] frequencies. To begin with… Digest Aid is without doubt my fool proof remedy for any gastric distress. The first few times I got relief I attributed it to pure coincidence…I’m a born skeptic but am always willing to try new things. Well after using Digest aid countless times with sucess time after time I no longer doubt it’s
effectiveness. I use it like other people use Pepto Bismol.
I use the Oxygenator before I exercise or when I’m just plain anxious and breathing improperly. I can feel my breathing slow down and get deeper.I love it.
Muscle Ease and Spinal Ease have helped my dog tremendously. I use the cds via a vibroacoustic pillow and pump the sound into my dog’s body. He is so soothed by it.
With gratitude
Joanne Figarola, R.N. Bethesda MD

I have used two of the binaural beat CDs and my patients have remarked how relaxed and how something seemed a “little different” with this massage. I got into a discussion with them about the music and one stated how many colors she was seeing during the massage, and another remarked having some really clear thoughts at the end of the session. Thank you for recommending them.
Maureen Bottiglieri, LMT, Valley Hospital Ridgewood NJ

Suzanne is a wonderful speaker who holds your attention with the most interesting stories and information about her work. I have used one of her meditation CD’s [Blessings] and there is something in her voice that tells you she is at peace. So while listening, the listener receives that peace as she speaks. Suzanne can help anyone find that peace within themselves with the work that she does.
Paula Perkins, Colon Hydrotherapist, Knoxville, TN

My daughter, Laurie, is in another flare-up of Crohn’s Disease. She has used the Crohn’s CD on the sound table once since she arrived here from Key West. Since playing Crohn’s frequencies, she is improving and will continue the CD on the sound table.

Have also been using the Multiple Sclerosis CD for an MS patient who comes in weekly. She says she feels better but is not quite sure why. I have noted, as her massage therapist, that while using the MS CD, she is experiencing less muscle cramps in her legs and feet and a more relaxed attitude during the massage.

I love the Well-Being CD for myself and for my pregnant ladies. The first time I used the Well-Being, I had been tired and a little down. After using the CD on the sound table, I felt a sense of being uplifted and peaceful. I listen to music and CD’s all day but really noticed the sense of feeling well after the CD. One patient who is pregnant loves the CD and the feeling she has afterward.

I have used the Knee-Aid frequencies on the sound table for several patients including myself with great success and relief of knee pain. I had been moving some things around at work and twisted my knee. I played the Knee-Aid and within the hour the pain stopped. The pain has returned several times but I play the Knee-Aid and the pain stops.
Linda Metzger, LMT. Ft. Lauderdale, FL

My son invited me to an Open House at Inner Harmony about a year ago because I have fibromyalgia. It was incredible. At the Open House I received a foot massage, essential oils, sound therapy and just an all around pleasant experience. I then attended Dr Jonas’ four week fibromyalgia class which had more in depth lessons on foot massage, nutrition, biofeedback and general relaxation techniques. Because of what I learned at Inner Harmony, I feel better. I use the Sound Therapy CD Fibro Ease at least once a night to relax, along with lavender essential oils and other relaxation techniques. It was a fantastic experience and you will make new friends as well.
Brenda Clark, Maryville TN

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