Saturday, October 11, 2008

Personal Frequencies

All living systems have a signature sound and emit frequencies. The signature sound is the frequency at which the organism vibrates and which keeps it in tune. This includes vitamins, minerals, enzymes, muscles, vertebrae, hormones, plants, animals, etc.

Over time we usually move further and further from equilibrium. We can easily detect this in the form of uneasiness and minor discomforts. If we ignore the conditions, we will continue to move further out of balance and soon find ourselves in chaos with stronger symptoms like heart disease, gastric diseases, and joint disorders.

We can influence or re-balance out of tune organisms with the application of the appropriate frequency. By use of the law of entrainment in physics, the out of tune part, one that has either decreased or increased in frequency, can be brought back into tune. These are audible frequencies that are delivered through the vibro-acoustic table or chair in the office, CD and headphones or transducer pillow at home.

Science & Intuition meet in finding the frequencies that are best for you to bring your Being back into tune.

Suzanne Jonas, Ed.D. psychotherapist and sound therapist, and Frankie Z Avery, medical intuitive, compose a series of personal frequencies specifically for you.

Personal Healing CD - These are frequencies that you need right now to bring your body back into tune. Depending upon how out of tune you are affects how long it will take to re-balance. Your personal CD may be 30 minutes or as long as 60 minutes and will have specific listening recommendations.

Birth Note CD – We are all born with a set of notes that assist us in staying healthy, on track, and moving forward. Depending upon the amount of unresolved traumas in our lives, we may have diminished our original note. The frequencies on this CD assist in resetting your notes. These notes are personal to you and are configured to help you in your present state to raise your vibrational level to its optimum for this life.


What is the process to get my CD? First, You will fill out a short questionnaire. Upon reviewing this, you will be contacted by Dr. Jonas for any further information including credit card number.

What is the cost? The cost of each CD is $200. This includes shipping. It can be paid by credit card or check.

What will I hear on the CD? Each CD, of course, will be different in how it sounds. Essentially it will be a series of tones which can range from very very low to medium in range.

How do I use it? There will be specific instructions with each CD. This can range from listening once a day to several times per day. It will be important to listen through headphones or a transducer pillow. (this can be purchased at

How long before I feel a change? Every body is different, so it is impossible to predict. Most of the time the change will be gradual, as we don’t want to ‘blast’ your system with strong frequencies which would cause too fast a change and result in possible discomfort. Change is also dependent upon your motivation and how well you follow the listening directions.

If you are interested in bringing your Being back into tune, and
for more information and to schedule an interview:


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