Saturday, October 11, 2008

Take Two CDs...Testimonials

I have been espousing Suzanne’s theories of how to use music since I first heard her present at the 1986 International Creative Problem Solving Institute. I have given her book to hundreds of people in the U.S. and Asia who are teachers and trainers so they understand the importance of music on learning.
It is easy to read, well researched, and practical. The appendix is a gold mine.
Geil Browning, CEO, Emergenitics International and author of: Emergenitics. Tap into the New Science of Emergence and Success

Eight years ago my son was just coming out of a six week coma after a traumatic brain injury. I wish I had known of your work while he was in the hospital. Families having a loved one in a coma, wanting to touch & know how to communicate somehow could be so helped, feel encouraged and useful if they were made aware of the approach & attitudes in your book, ‘Take 2 CDs..’.
Speech therapists and nurses should have to know what is in your book and make more suggestions to survivors. Your training could be the highlight at major conferences on treating brain injury!
Felicia Lumpkin, Knoxville TN

Our Integrative Healing Arts Program students are grateful for Dr. Jonas’ expertise in medical music therapy and guided imagery. They appreciate the clarity of her instruction, including her first-hand experience of clinical application within healthcare institutions. We have been providing Dr. Jonas’ book for our students for the past 7 years and, time and time again, they exclaim about how useful this information is in helping them bring both music therapy and guided imagery to the bedside to assist their patient’s healing process.
Veda Andrus, EdD, RN, HN-BC
Vice President, Education & Program Development
The BirchTree Center for Healthcare Transformation
Florence, MA

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