Saturday, October 11, 2008

Teaching Testimonials

Dr. Jonas came to Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston and the evaluations were phenomenal. Nurses wrote “I feel like a new door has opened in caring for my patients”, “Spending the day with Dr. Jonas’ was amazing”, ” I wished we could come back tomorrow”.
All the evaluations were very positive. We are looking forward to future conferences.
Yoly Harmuth RN, BSN, CCAP
Center for Nursing Excellence
Credentialing Coordinator
Boston MA

Our Integrative Healing Arts Program students are grateful for Dr. Jonas’ expertise in medical music therapy and guided imagery. They appreciate the clarity of her instruction, including her first-hand experience of clinical application within healthcare institutions. We have been providing Dr. Jonas’ book for our students for the past 7 years and, time and time again, they exclaim about how useful this information is in helping them bring both music therapy and guided imagery to the bedside to assist their patient’s healing process.
Veda Andrus, EdD, RN, HN-BC
Vice President, Education & Program Development
The BirchTree Center for Healthcare Transformation
Florence, MA

I have been witness to the amazing work of Suzanne Jonas for almost two decades. I am especially familiar with her ability to teach the profound lessons of the power of sound as healing. She is highly effective in helping others to shape meaning for themselves and their lives through sharing openly her rare gift.
Doris J. Shallcross, Ed.D. Professor Emeritus, University of Massachusetts/Amherst
Past President, Creative Education Foundation Board of Trustees
President, Pioneer Valley Performing Arts High School
Author of: Teaching Creative Behavior; The Growing Person; Leadership: Making Things Happen; Intuition: An Inner Way of Knowing; Celebrating the Soul of CPSI.
Consulting Editor, Journal of Creative Behavior

{Suzanne has] helped me to understand the complexities of the teenage mind. From talking with you, I have been able to develop different approaches with these young people. The frequency study that I conducted using {her} equipment also helped me improve my teaching strategies. [Her] information on diet and sleep patterns for young people has helped me advise my students so they can improve their quality of life.
Mary Boldon, Science Department Co-Chairperson for Maryville High School, Maryville TN

Dr. Jonas has an amazing toolkit with leading edge modalities and the expertise to select the best tool for each patient. Her frequency CDs helped me to slow down, hastening my recovery from a stroke. With Dr. Jonas’ Sound Therapy I was able to significantly reduce stress in my life, increase my energy levels and improve my mental clarity.

Experiencing therapeutic drumming with Dr. Jonas was like going to a spa. After we finished I felt elated, peaceful, and slept like a baby. What a drug free treat! The world would be a better place if we could all drum with Dr. J.

Dr. Jonas is a gifted teacher who is passionate about helping people have the knowledge and skills they need to heal and live in harmony and balance. Her workshops are experiential and great, good fun. Go to one. You’ll never be the same
Betty Jones, RN, Army Nurse, Col (retired) Townsend, TN

Suzanne Jonas brings a fresh, exciting approach to health and healing with her public presentations on sound. I “resonated” to her material on sound, music and rhythm. Suzanne is knowledgeable and tuned into the latest research about those tools that bring balance and inner harmony.
Michael Betz, Professor Emeritus at University of Tennessee and author of Enriching Health: Pathways to Complementary Therapies.
Knoxville, Tennessee

Dr. Suzanne Jonas exemplifies both personally and professionally a heart-felt passion for her life’s work in the wellness profession.
Doris M. Kilgore, EdD Mind Body Education Coordinator
Blount Memorial Hospital, Maryville TN

Dr. Suzanne Jonas offers such a wonderful combination of information, enthusiasm and delight in the teaching and practice of music/frequency medicine that the student or patient is soon searching for deeper knowledge. I have benefited physically, mentally and spiritually from Dr. Jonas’ guidance and know many others who have expressed a deep appreciation for the changes in their lives that they were able to achieve with her help. Catherine Geise, RCR, Maryville TN

Suzanne is an amazing teacher who co-creates with Spirit from her heart. Sharing her knowledge, having fun, and helping others to open to their many possibilities makes her one of the best. Hazel Teague, RN, BSN, Townsend TN

Suzanne has a unique approach to getting the mind body and spirit in line and allowing balance to enhance my daily life.
She is quick to focus on the problem wasting no time. I am amazed at how instant the results are.
Her healing techniques come from her soul which is the reason for it being so affective. She lives what she gives. This is a very deep experience that is not a waste of time or money.
It pulls you out of a deep sleep and gives life more awareness. It heals the soul of old feelings we cling to, useless fears, needless insecurities allowing us to get out there and live and feel and
celebrate life.
She does not focus on any one religion. This spiritual healing is incompassing of all faiths. It is respectful of our personal values and beliefs. It is also very respectful of the body allowing it to
unify with the mind and spirit bringing the total person together.
Any problems or goals we want to achieve will happen naturally without effort after experiencing the healing Suzanne has mastered so intensely.
Her respect, sensitiviy and sincerity is the root of her healing guiding abilities.
To experience this just once will stay with you the rest of your life.
Deborah Young-Weiler, Concert pianist and recording artist, Vermont

I have known Dr. Jonas as a friend and colleague for approximately 20 years. We worked together in a traditional medical setting where she used her considerable healing gifts in both group and individual therapies. She was the impetus for miraculous transformations in her patients. She was also a wise and insightful colleague.
Dr. Jonas can engage with a wide range of people due to her humor and warmth. She can quickly discern what someone needs to work on often before he knows it himself. She can then facilitate the individual’s making the shift using her repertoire of music, sound therapy and psychotherapy. She has a transformative presence in her capacity as a therapist, colleague and friend.
Cathleen M. Mason, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist. Halifax, MA


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