Saturday, October 11, 2008

What is BioAcoustics?

The power of sound and intent appears to be the most ancient form of creation. Not only did sound create the universe, the universe is made of sound. Sound is nothing more than waves of energy or vibration that we can hear. Einsteinium/ Quantum physics tells us that all of creation is made of vibration or inaudible sound. Some things we can hear like wind and music but most things we cannot hear.

Large and small, everything has its own vibratory rate and sound. Many ancient scientists wrote about the ‘music of the spheres’. As measured by NASA’s Voyager probes: Saturn hums a slow, dreamy melody, Mercury has a chirping, quick sound, the Sun radiates eighty different overtones and the Earth’s note is a B, although some believe it to be an F.

Everything is vibration energy, inaudible or audible sound. Human beings are walking symphonies of sound; a gurgling or growling stomach; intrauterine sound; heartbeat, blood rushing. All frequencies and sounds combine so that we are a being of sound, composed of many tones. Our body’s shape, movements, desires, motivations, and wellness are determined by this inner concert.

Ernst Chladni, an 18th Century German physicist, was fascinated with the concept of vibration as he would experience it when he played his violin. One day he scattered grains of sand on a metal plate. He then drew his bow across the edge of the plate and watched as all the grains of sand danced. As he continued to play the same note he noticed something surprising. The grains of sand formed a pattern on the plate and it formed exactly the same pattern every time he played the same note. In trying other notes, the same thing happened, each note forming its own pattern.

This remained in the realm of curiosity until the 20th century when a Swiss scientist, Hans Jenny, played with the concept. With the assistance of the microscope, he recognized that the forms made by the sand resembled some that he had seen under his microscope: chromosomes, cells, molecules, bone tissue and crystals.

He then made several important hypotheses:
1. Growth is the result of vibration.
2. The nature of the vibration determines the resulting structure.
3. Each cell generates its own frequency and the combination of similar cells makes a new frequency that contains the original frequency or tone.

This was the beginning of quantum physics. The way something vibrates determines what it is. For example, the frequency of water is 18.02 Hertz which means that the water molecules vibrate 18.02 times per second. It is important to know the resonant frequency of things because then we can change its structure.

From a Sound Healers perspective, when we experience emotional or physical symptoms we are literally out of tune, or in dissonance. All living systems dissipate energy over time which causes us to move further and further from equilibrium. We can easily detect this in the form of uneasiness and minor discomforts. We can ignore them, or examine our lives to find where we are leaking energy too much. If we ignore the conditions, we will continue to move further out of balance and soon find ourselves in chaos with stronger symptoms.

Sound Therapy is finding the correct frequency and figuring out the best way to deliver the frequency for the desired effect. It will affect the physical, emotional, mental, and etheric bodies. There are also frequencies that can affect the sub cellular levels.

Through the work of Sharry Edwards, Bioacoustics, and the use of Voice Spectral Analysis, the frequencies that are most out of balance in the body can be shown. These represent muscles, biochemicals, hormones, vertebrae, toxins, vitamins, minerals, pathogens, and disease susceptibilities. By applying the correct frequency through a sub woofer, tone box and headphones, sound table, or transducer pillow, these imbalances can be brought back in tune.

There have been many remarkable cases where physical conditions that were deemed hopeless by traditional medicine standards were dramatically improved, including impossibilities like growing a new kneecap, strengthening damaged muscles, detoxing heavy metals, completely repairing bone fractures, and reversing macular degeneration. One of the unique and important aspects of Bioacoustics is its ability to show root causes and demonstrate that two people with the same disease can have very different etiologies.

As a sound practitioner I have seen improvements in digestion, thyroid functioning, emotional balance, lung congestion, allergies, metal toxicity, fibromyalgia, pain, anxiety, and cancer tumor reduction and cell counts. When one keeps in mind that all is vibration, then it makes perfect sense to apply vibration for symptom correction.

What Happens in a BioAcoustics session?
A typical BioAcoustics session consists of taking a voice print (speaking 45 seconds into a microphone attached to a computer program). The voice print is then analyzed to determine:
1. what things are out of balance in your body, and
2. what frequencies would be of benefit for you to listen to.

The next step is to apply the frequencies to your body. This is done on our special sound table. This table will give you your frequencies through your whole body by acupuncture points, bone conduction, skin, ears, and energy fields. At the same time, a CD is being made for you to take home and use.

How long does it take for a change to occur?
This depends upon how chronic the issue is, your intention to release the issue, and your compliance with the listening protocal.

How long are my sounds?
This depends upon each person. Sometimes it is 15 minutes, sometimes it is and hour.

How often do I use my sounds?
Each person is different. Most of the time you will be directed to listen to the tones 3-4 times a day. If the issue is chronic, you may be instructed to listen to the tones at night while you sleep. This is done by playing your tones through a subwoofer that would be in your bedroom.

How do I listen to my sounds?
There are several ways listed in order of effectiveness over time:
i.e., from most powerful to least powerful
1. sound table or chair (From $2000-$7000)
2. transducer pillow ($76)
3. tonebox ($400)
4. CD with headphones
5. open air speakers in room

Do the frequencies just act on the physical?
NO. As we cannot separate ourselves into just a body or emotions or mind, etc., the frequencies will beneficially affect all of us.
There are also some sessions where only the emotional is targeted as opposed to the physical.


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